Danny Phantom appreciation side blog. Who knew one cartoon could give you so many feelings?

Wow guys, I really didn’t mean to be gone this long. With three soccer workouts a day I’ve just been unbelievably busy. Thanks to everyone who didn’t unfollow me, I promise to start posting again by Monday when I get home. I love you guys a lot :)

(p.s. I can gif now so get ready for gif sets galore :D)

If you live in America like me, Happy Fourth! Have a great day of freedom and try not to blow yourselves up!

This guy rocks. My childhood obsession *_*
Nice to meet you by *xwocketx
DP: Hello puppy… by ~EirinTheFairy
Crystal moons by *xwocketx

It feels good to doodle what you love
One day by ~acidicbutterflies

One day, Daniel, I will destroy you. I’d love to see you try.